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Lavarone - 1170 a.s.l. – 25.8 sq km
Situated between the plateaux of Folgaria and Luserna, The Lavarone altopiano comprises about twenty boroughs, the most important of which are Chiesa, Gionghi and Cappella. Renowned summer and winter resort, Lavarone has accommodation for 10 thousand visitors, divided among 24 wo to four star hotels, residences, camping sites and private apartments.

Sights to see
Forte Belvedere - Gschwent , the museum fortress, an exciting witness to the Great War fought on the Trentino-Veneto front; the Honey Museum, culture and knowledge of the fantastic world of bees; Avez del Prinzep, the tallest silver fir in Europe¸ the Monte Rust signals station(1914 – 1918 War and of course the lake beloved by Sigmund Freud.

Sports facilities
the plateau has qualified tourist-sports facilities, such as the Moar football ground, suitable as a preparation site for top league football teams, a new tennis centre, the Jungarecke swimming centre, the Prombis rock climbing site, the large equipped area of Palù and the Gionghi conference centre.

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